On Saturday, I watched the accension of Prince Charles to the throne of his forefathers as King Charles III live on television. The program lasted for about 6 hours.

Despite the fact that one of his forefathers King Henry VIII founded the Church of England known as Anglican Communion and another one King James II translated the bible that is now commonly used and called the King James Version (KJV), the bible was never used to swear in King Charles III, he only affirmed by just raising up his hand. Neither was Jesus Christ mentioned throughout the ceremony, not to talk of shouts of Hallelujah
Can you see the damage the White man did to our psych using religion as a tool of colonialism and mental slavery?

This is a very instructive observation. As a country, I think religion has led us to missing our road by a long mile!
Until we separate religion from politics and our public affairs, we’re doomed to looking for distant gods in frothing gourds!

They introduced Jesus to us and made us destroy our way of worship, spirituality; they also introduced democracy to us, which till date we are struggling to understand and made us relegate our monarchy, while still maintaining theirs as the head of their government.

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