How are you Mama? I mean, how are you really? Are you tired?

Exhausted? Do you feel as though you have nothing left to give some days? Motherhood is beautiful and it’s impossibly challenging.

The highs are high and the lows are low. Your tears matter as much as your smiles.

I see you. I hear you . I am right there with you.

But, I’m not going to offer you any advice. I’m not going to pressure you into “Solutions” I’m not going to objectify or minimize your motherhood to a set of numbers, percentiles or measurements.

Because, I know that no matter how low you feel in this moment, that isn’t the right approach for you.

So I’m going to show up for you and stand beside you. I’m going to help you feel understood, seen and known.

Because the Truth is this Motherhood gig is Tough.

It’s ok to break down. To need help. To Cry in the shower. To ask yourself, when you feel your individuality slipping from sight-Why did we even have kids? To crave the simplicity and ease of pre-parent days. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. It makes you a real parent. It makes you human.

I want you to know that you are not alone. We all have bad days. We all get angry. We all wish for do-overs.

So, if you’re having a rough day here’s Virtual hug from me to you . You are one kickass Mama. Take it easy on yourself. Nourish your soul. Carve out some time just for you. Give yourself permission to say NO once in a while.

Find time to reconnect to yourself without the labels of who you are to someone else-Mother,
Sister,Wife,Daughter,Friend. Who are you to You?

we’re all beautifully imperfect in our own ways.Trying to force a conscious path in an unconscious world is a monumental feat., there are very few guides to help light the path.

So, let’s be Raw, Honest & Vulnerable with one another because that is where real Strenght is found. Let’s redefine motherhood rather than be defeated by the new normal we’ve been asked to accept. Let’s support one another, lifting each other up, no matter how different our Choices may seem.

I hope this makes you feel less alone and more connected to yourself. I love you Mama.

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