Do not let politics weaken your intelligence….

Peter Obi is NOT a representative of Igbos…

Tinubu is NOT a representative of Yorubas….

Atiku is NOT a representative of Hausas….

These three Nigerians are in this Race either for a Vision or an ambition.

Peter Obi is passionate about his vision to RESCUE NIGERIA….He is not saying Rescue Igbos… As a matter of fact, the last people to benefit from a Peter Obi presidency are going to be the Igbos. So if you are voting him because he is Igbo and will develop Igbo land, ask yourself what Goodluck Ebere Jonathan did for the South. He did more in the North. That’s politics. Peter Obi has mentioned the North more in his interviews than he has mentioned the East. And truth be told, we need a detribalized president like OBI.

Tinubu is honest with his ambition. This is his lifelong ambition – to be President. He wants a feeling of that presidential status. He never lied about this. His campaign slogan is #Emilokan – it’s my to him, this is ABOUT HIM. It’s not about Yorubas. And unfortunately not about Nigerians too. It’s a personal ambition. You can choose to betray your own personal desires for a better Nigeria just to fulfill the lifelong ambition of a single mortal. Activate your intellectualism.

And Atiku has said it many times – he is going there as a typical PDP man – share the money. In an interview, he boldly said that he will share our resources with his friends. Like seriously? So if you are Atiku’s friend like Rhino, I will understand when you campaign for him. But for the majority of us who are not in his inner circle, we will choose a more inclusive candidate who has communicated his desire to deliver Nigeria from this coma and take us to where we deserve to be.. That man is Peter Obi. He is a Nigerian in whom there is no tribalism or personal ambition.. Peter Obi is not perfect but Peter Obi wants to sacrifice his life for you.

Do not let politics weaken your intelligence.

If you think that Peter, Tinubu or Atiku are in this to fight for their tribes, then you are the most unintelligent creature on the surface of the Earth.

Nigerians we must refuse to allow politics to weaken the truth in Us.

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